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Science Showcase at Sewanhaka

The Sewanhaka High School Science Showcase took place in the student cafeteria on March 27. A variety of activities made up the fun event, which was highlighted by junior high research students competing in the science fair portion with their research projects.

Ms. Sherwood’s Green Club had students participate in a bean bag toss to win a Sewanhaka Earth Day water bottle. Mrs. Keating’s Anatomy and Physiology students dissected frog and sheep brains and gave fellow students fake skin wounds using a variety of materials. Mrs. Jansen’s Forensic Science students worked on fingerprinting their peers, while Ms. Lovett’s Science National Honor Society members had students compete in a paper airplane competition. Seventh graders in Mr. Sorace’s class showcased the lung models they had created, and Mrs. Reece’s junior high scientists made different types of slime for their peers to take home.