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New Hyde Park Names Great Gladiators of March

Grade 7
Shrikant Goyal – Shri is a very pleasant young man to have in class. He is extremely hardworking and is willing to help his classmates when they are struggling. In class, he participates and asks good questions. As a remarkable learner, he is self-motivating and always challenges himself.

Lily LeSchack – Although a very quiet young lady, Lily has been a solid student academically all year. She has worked very diligently on her grades and almost without exception gets full credit on her assignments. She deserves recognition as someone who is a great role model.

Alexandra Marsella – Alexa is a very compassionate student. She has demonstrated concern and compassion to her fellow table members and classmates. She always goes above and beyond to complete her work and always voluntarily helps her fellow peers. She is on the road to be an exceptional leader.

Rubianne Simon – Rubi is an extremely hardworking student. She is motivated and is always engaged in class. Not only is Rubi an example of a great student, she is also a sweet, kind and helpful friend to her peers. She always has a smile on her face, a positive attitude and willing to help a friend.

Grade 8
Sameer Hossain – He is new to the school, but is always cheerful, helpful and respectful. He has made a positive impact for sure.

Matthew Zatz – He has been an integral part of the fundraising for water for South Sudan. He helped out at movie night, sold candy after school and regularly collects bottles throughout the building. In class, he is always ready to volunteer to answer questions and he is helpful with his classmates.