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Elmont Honors March Model Citizens (Music Department)

The ABC Committee at Elmont Memorial would like to recognize the following March Model Citizens who exhibited responsibility. The music department provided these awesome recommendations.

Akinwale Agesin: For always being attentive to others and supportive in ensemble work.
Mikelley Baptiste: For assisting with organizing the music office and helping students.
Jahnia Cunningham: For her arduous work for the musical.
Maxline Delorme: For her arduous work for the musical and for assisting students.
Devin Johnson: For always being supportive to classmates.
Brianna Munn: Started a club and chaired the Black History Program.
Lauren Munn: For lending a hand throughout the school day.
Marvia Presoir: Choreographed the musical and Black History Program.
Tochi Ukegbu: For being a role model for students.

Additional model citizens recommended by school staff:
Bethel Adiele: Found a Visa gift card and turned it in.
Selvin Carrasco Sierra: Found earbuds and turned them in.
Demar McDowell: Turned in money he found in the back of the classroom.
Orin Roberts: Helps friends figure out math problems during his lunch period.
Sunita Singh: Reached out to a new student and helped him adjust not only to a new school, but a new country.
Kayla Stewart: Found a wallet and returned it to the main office.