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New Hyde Park Names April’s Great Gladiators

Grade 7
Linda Cheung, Priscilla Ferri, Alvin Paul, Pari Shah and Navpreet Singh – These students came in on Saturday, May 4 to celebrate Earth Day by planting and weeding the landscape of New Hyde Park Memorial.

Aedan Cotter – Aedan is an extraordinary young man who has had a very successful seventh grade year. He is always at the ready to help his classmates and teachers alike. He recently spearheaded a video project for Principal Dr. Richard Faccio, working with his peers to create an orientation video through which he captured the essence of the school’s spirit both in and out of the classroom. He is also assisting Mrs. Kaspar with the implementation of a new technology platform for the 2019-20 school year. Aedan’s maturity, commitment and responsible manner make him a role model for all.

Rebecca John – Rebecca has been in the top three of her class periods academically all year. More impressively, she volunteers for extra assignments, is willing to help out other students during projects and class time, and is always a positive influence on her classmates.

Diego Moreno – Diego is an incredible role model to his peers. He works well with his fellow classmates and always lends a helping hand whenever he can. Diego continually works towards success, no matter what challenges he may encounter.

Jason Wang – Jason found a senior student’s wallet in the locker room. The wallet had $130 dollars and credit cards in it. Jason turned it in so it could be returned to its owner.

Grade 8
Ashley Kreth and Naomi Rodriguez – Organized fellow classmates to write a card with heart-filled messages for Jeremiah Simon, who is homeschooled due to illness.

Madison Thompson – Madison brightens up every room she enters. She always has a positive attitude and is willing to help a classmate in need. She is a modest, genuine and good-hearted individual.