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New Hyde Park Seniors Attend Esteemed Research Program

New Hyde Park Memorial’s Senior Science Research students Megha Gopal and Saba Gulzar spent the summer studying as part of Stony Brook University’s prestigious Garcia Research Scholar Program.

The seven-week intensive program combines formal classroom instruction and hands-on research alongside faculty of the Garcia Center for Polymers at Engineered Interfaces.
On Aug. 8, the program held a summer symposium to highlight the research of each student. The students’ teacher, Angela Stone, commended them on their hard work and achievement. The seniors said the program was a tremendous experience and they hope to continue their experiments into the fall.

In the area of medical hydrogels and bioprinting, Saba Gulzar and a team of students worked under Adele Azim and Zahim Huq. Saba and her partners presented their study, “Measuring Collagen Contraction and Keratinocyte Colony Efficiency for the Viability of Bioprinting Skin Using Extrusion-Based Printing vs. Traditional Skin Grafting Methods.” Current techniques for constructing skin grafts are disadvantaged by immune reactions and transmission of disease. Bioprinting may hold more potential for successful application and sustainability.

In the area of dental pulp stem cells, Megha Gopal worked under Atif Akhter, Jessica Hofflich and Rachel Meacham. Megha presented her research on “Determining Dental Pulp Stem Cells Differentiation Pathways and Biomineralization on ALD Titanium Dioxide PB Thick and Thin Films.” Dental pulp stem cells can differentiate into different types of cells and are thus being harvested to be used in experiments that will lead to further knowledge in regenerative medicine.