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Sewanhaka students participate in Cartwheel for a Cure

The district’s varsity gymnastics team participated in the sixth annual Cartwheel for a Cure meet to raise funds for the Boomer Esiason Foundation, which funds research for cystic fibrosis. The meet was organized by Cold Spring Harbor coach Teri Kindelmann, whose two daughters have the disease.

More than 200 gymnasts from schools in Nassau County were a part of the meet. The girls from the various teams also competed in a cartwheel competition, completing as many cartwheels as possible in three minutes.

The Sewanhaka gymnasts who participated were Catherine Bardales, Gwynne Smith, Brianna Evelyn, Brigid Hearne, Emily McKie, Alyssa Nittoli, Sydney Farrell, Tasnim Daouaou, Dora Alfieri, Gabby Bonneti, Mia Clark, Danielle Gutierrez, Star Henry, Taylor Kropf, Makayla Noel and Roslyn Petrovich.