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Academy of Finance Students Given Gifts and Scholarships

On June 10, New Hyde Park Memorial High School’s Academy of Finance Class of 2020 received a visit from the Academy of Finance program manager and teacher Christine Teetz, who delivered goodie bags filled with candy, a T-shirt, an Academy of Finance Medallion to be worn at graduation and an engraved tumbler. The goodie bags were made possible through donations from the Academy of Finance Advisory Board.

During her visits, Mrs. Teetz also presented three monetary scholarships to students on behalf of the Advisory Board. Academy of Finance Class of 2020 valedictorian Robert Castellano and salutatorian Frank Castellano were each presented the $500 Greater New Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce 2020 Scholarship Award in recognition of their hard work throughout their four years in the program, as well as attaining the first and second highest averages in their Academy of Finance classes. The third scholarship went to Michael Destin, who was presented with the $500 Kenneth Abrahams Memorial Scholarship from Advisory Board member Christopher Vulpis, who has chosen to honor his deceased co-worker, Kenneth Abrahams. Robert, Frank and Michael were extremely grateful for the very generous scholarships.

Mrs. Teetz said, “Although this was not how we typically celebrate our graduates, it was nice to have the opportunity to see my students in person, thank them and wish them well in their futures.”

The Academy of Finance Class of 2020 represents the 30th graduating class from New Hyde Park Memorial High School. Congratulations to Jorge L. Breibat, Zaire Brown, Frank Joseph Castellano, Robert Daniel Castellano, Michael J. Destin, Ilyana M. Dontfraid, Abbas Fayaz, Amanda Rose Garcia, Sofia Lee Gonzalez, Daniel Hehir, Leopold NW Horne, Manvir Kaur, Michael D. Koutsouras, Aaron R. Kurien, Nicholas Levkulic, Mark Lopano, Andrea Niki Maropakis, Jaden Abi-Lamont Mathis, Santino R. Migliore, Josh E. Minotta, Jacqueline P. Moglia, Nicholas Tommy Moundros, Jasmine Orrego, Rebecca L. Ramsaroop, Naim C. Roberts, Cristian O. Tavara, Lauren Alexis Valencia, Aliana Victor and Brandon W. Wong.