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Elmont Names November Model Citizens

The Always a Better Choice Committee at Elmont Memorial wishes to honor students who perform good deeds each and every day. These model citizens deserve recognition and make Elmont Memorial a better place. For the month of November, the English, library and English as a New Language departments were asked to identify students for this designation. The theme for the month of November was gratitude. 

Rafiyat Adenlola – Rafiyat has been helping a student who is new to the grade 11 Advanced Placement English program in Mr. Raskind’s class. It’s a difficult transition for any student to enter an AP class midmarking period, and Rafiyat has been instrumental in helping that student catch up with the missed work and with the course in general. 

Jenna Archer – As a student director, Jenna worked to organize a benefit performance of the senior high drama. She assisted Ms. Lennon and Ms. Martinez in contacting the cast and crew, advertising and organizing props and costumes. 

Nicole Vilchez Castillo and Rhina Zaldivar – Nicole and Rhina visit Ms. Cutrone’s ENL 1 class during their free periods to tutor their peers and help with homework. They selflessly devote themselves to this task on a regular basis and demonstrate empathy for students who are in a position they once were in. Their leadership and example are invaluable to students who see that in time they will also be successful in mainstream classes. They are true examples of generosity, and Ms. Cutrone is grateful for the time they spend with her students. Rhina also helps other Spanish-speaking students in Ms. Candela’s English 10 class. She is a perceptive and observant student who takes the initiative to assist others. 

Roshanel Daley – Roshanel was the captain of the girls junior varsity soccer team for a reason. She is a leader by example, as she was always willing to carry equipment or water and would also make sure that every player received the necessary information for the week regarding practice and game schedules, including time and location. Roshanel continues to be a big help in the offseason as well, as she is tireless in her efforts to organize fundraisers and always aids in the completion of paperwork for essential soccer events. She was recommended by Mr. Keeshan. 

Jemima Desir – Jemima is a student whom Ms. Smith can always count on. She is always contributing brilliant responses or insights in class, as well as taking time to make new students feel welcome and up to speed. Everyone should have a Jemima on his/her roster; she reminds teachers what it is they love most about teaching. For that, Ms. Smith is immensely grateful. 

Jeila Marie Fuentebella and Janeen Hannawayare – Jeila and Janeen are always willing to lend a hand inside the class and out. They often assist students who are learning how to acclimate themselves to the classroom technology and the required iPad programs. Both are always willing to share information pertaining to the lessons, as they are highly engaged in the class’ day-to-day lessons. For instance, Jeila and Janeen often assist Mr. Keeshan in third period by helping organize the day’s lesson and how to best apply it to the class. The girls were recommended by Mr. Keeshan. 

Yawn Gavlo – Yawn is a wonderful student to have in class. She is bright and inquisitive, hardworking and consistent in her work ethic. She does her homework with careful attention to detail. In class, Yawn is courteous and respectful of others and their opinions and is willing to consider and appreciate those that conflict with her own. She is punctual and participates on a daily basis. She was recommended by Ms. Giorgio. 

Myrna Jean-Pierre – Myrna helps students who are lagging behind in Ms. Gordon-Tennant’s class. Her current average in the class is 100. 

Gabrielle Lewis – Gabby exemplifies both gratitude and kindness. She always has a kind smile for everyone, and she is always the first person to offer a helping hand. Ms. Giammarino feels so lucky to have her in class each and every day. 

Aidan Mclean – Aiden found expensive earbuds and helped return them to their owners. This small act of kindness speaks volumes about his goodness and conscientious nature. He was recommended by Ms. Petruzzi. 

Louisa Nichols – Louisa consistently helps teachers in the English department on her own time, in addition to being a consistently positive presence in her English classroom with Mr. Davison. The support she provides to her current and former teachers – from organizing materials to monitoring the Writing Lab to helping grade multiple-choice questions – makes everyone’s lives easier. Even more importantly, her kindness and good cheer make days a lot brighter. She was recommended by Mr. Davison and Ms. Albanese. 

Wesaun Palmer – Wesaum has been working with the Morning News students to improve their public-speaking skills. She cares a lot about the morning announcements and is always here on time, ready to operate the camera. She gives such positive feedback to the students and is willing to step it up whenever necessary. She was recommended by Ms. Martinez. 

Rensen Paul – Two weeks ago, Ms. Agnello was attempting to get into her car after school when she dropped her key under the vehicle. Rensen appeared and asked if he could help and if she was okay. He then stayed by her until she was all set and ready to go. To Ms. Agnello, his actions felt more like those of a family member than of a former student. Students like Rensen makes teachers feel thankful that we teach where we do. 

Brandon Pedroza – Brandon helps the other students in his English class with Ms. Gianturco and Mr. McConnel, translating and explaining the work as they prepare for the Regents. 

Sani Silva – Sani is always willing to help out in Ms. Albanese’s classroom, distributing and collecting materials. She is always thinking about how she can make things easier for Ms. Albanese and never asks for anything in return.

In addition to the English, library and ENL department selections, the following students were also honored as Model Citizens.

Sherese Arne – Sherese saw a student in need who was not familiar with the building, and she volunteered without hesitation to take her to where she needed to be.

Kyle Bazemore – Kyle helped a student in need. When his friend told Kyle of something he had done before school one morning, Kyle did the right thing by bringing him to a teacher, who then brought them both to the health office, insuring that the student got the assistance he needed.

Courtney Johnson – Courtney helped a student whose imitation bag was made fun of by other students. She was supportive and helped build the student’s confidence.

Lauren Munn and Amelia Persaud – Amelia found an Apple watch and returned it to the main office, and Lauren helped school staff locate the owner.