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Model Citizens Honored in Elmont

The ABC Committee would like to recognize the following January Model Citizens who exhibited responsibility. The business and math department provided these awesome recommendations. Congratulations! 

Kylie Jones – This school-spirited student led the crowd at a recent basketball game to applaud and cheer on the players. Her positive energy is contagious and sets a wonderful example for other students. As if this were not enough, after observing her awesome attitude, her math teachers report that she found a wallet after the game and returned it.

Dante Lewis – This responsible and honest young man found diamond stud earrings, as well as a set of headphones, and returned them to the main office.

Maya Martin – This young lady found Beats in the building, kept them safe overnight and returned them to their owner the following day. The parent of the headphone owner was so impressed with her honestly that he recommended her for this award.

Xavier Quiroz – Xavier is very respectful to his teachers and peers. He is always engaged and on task during his college marketing class. He is extremely hardworking and very driven.

Jason Richardson – He is a very special young man who takes his studies seriously. Although he is an avid scholar, it is Jason’s maturity that continually impressed his marketing teacher. He may only be a sophomore, but he truly defines the term young adult. He is a pleasure to be around and personifies what any teacher hopes to instill in their students.

Starlyn Rodriguez – Embodies this month’s character theme of responsibility. Throughout the year, he has taken it upon himself to help ENL students in his Computer Essentials class. He not only translates for the students, but he routinely helps them with completing specific functions on the computer. 

Samantha Smith and Jeremiah Cain – These trustworthy students found wireless earbuds and returned them to the office.

Jaydon Thomas – He is a such a considerate young man. He assisted a student on crutches that wasn’t assigned to him out of the goodness of his heart.

Ungozi Younge – Ungozi is always on time and on task during his Accounting 1 class. He also helps others when they are struggling.