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Elmont Students Earn Gold, Silver and Bronze at LI Math Fair

The journey to Elmont Memorial students winning at all levels of the Al Kalfus Long Island Math Fair began back in October, as students in grades 8-11 began their mathematics research on a topic of interest.

On March 1, sophomore Akinwale Agesin, ninth graders Nneka Nnabuogor and Marthe Blanfort, and eighth grader Raheel Ahmed were among a dozen students from Elmont Memorial who participated in the preliminary round, competing against students from across Nassau County. Akinwale, Marthe, Nneka and Raheel advanced to the final round on April 12, where they competed for top spots. Akinwale Agesin set the standard by winning a gold medal, a first for Elmont Memorial. Nneka Nnabuogor earned a silver medal, while Marther Blanfort and Raheel Ahmed were awarded bronze medals.

Akinwale presented his research on the mysteries of zero, Nneka presented her research on the geometry of nature, Marthe presented the binomial theorem and Raheel presented on Euler numbers. Outstanding work and well-deserved honors for all of the students. Congratulations!