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Park Cleanup for Elmont and Sewanhaka Students

Students from Elmont Memorial and Sewanhaka high schools, under the guidance of teachers Kathryn Farley and Yvonne Sherwood, took part in an Earth Day beautification project on May 11.

Forty students from Elmont’s Future Scientists of America and Sewanhaka’s Green Club came together at Hempstead Lake State Park for the second annual Earth Day Beautification Project. The student-volunteers in grades 7-12 spent the morning removing close to 80 bags of trash left along the beautiful Northeast Pond picnic area. So much heavy lifting required a substantial reward, so they spent the afternoon at the picnic area basking in the glow of hard work, hot pizza and a few turns on the carousel.

The Northeast Pond receives substantial foot traffic, but is also subject to runoff and littering due to proximity to the Southern State Parkway. Despite volunteer efforts at “I Love My Parks” the week before, there were simply not enough hands to help clean every corner. The district was happy to step in and assist park staff to keep our parks beautiful. The endeavor does not stop here, as students participate in recycling programs at both buildings to help minimize our carbon footprint and celebrate Earth Day every day!