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Elmont Science Researchers Take Top Honors

Elmont Memorial’s Science Research program is very proud to announce that its Elmont researchers had a strong showing at the new Neurological Surgery, P.C. Health Sciences Competition on May 30.

Junior Marvia Pressoir placed second in the microbiology and genetics category and was awarded $4,000. Senior Michael Lawes placed first in the category and was awarded $5,500. The event was held at the LIU Post Tilles Center and was a collaboration between NSPC and the Center for Science Teaching and Learning.

Marvia investigated the mechanism of methyl mercury neurotoxicity in a quest to understand Parkinson’s disease and identify therapeutic targets, while Michael investigated the impact of metals and high sugar diets on the Receptor for Advanced Glycation Endproducts (RAGE), and found that some types of neurons were more impacted by the treatments. His findings have implications for people with diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.