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Elmont Participates in Northwell Health Spark! Challenge

On Nov. 15, 12 Elmont Memorial High School students began the Northwell Health Spark! Challenge. The program brings together educators, schools and Northwell teams to introduce students to career areas that require competencies in STEM skills.

The Elmont Memorial students met with staff members of the risk management department. Each member spoke about their contribution to the department and invited questions from the audience. The students learned that the risk management department is comprised of a number of subsections, including legal, accounting and finance. They also ran through a series of exercises to demonstrate the work of corporate risk management.

Based on what they learned, the students are now in the process of creating a poster and presentation that will summarize the true purpose of corporate risk management.

In April 2020, the students will have the opportunity to present their findings at the Spark! Challenge Awards Celebration. The Elmont Memorial students are competing against more than 50 high schools across Long Island.