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October Model Citizens

Each month, the guidance department at Elmont Memorial High School, along with another department in the school, identify students who are exhibiting signs of good character – a model citizen. For the month of October, the Social Studies department identified the following students:

Emmanuel Lucas (Dr. Ramharack) – Emmanuel is, without a doubt, a genuine model student because he is a standout role model in his class. He is always willing to answer questions, always leading and guiding his colleagues in cooperative learning and turn and talk activities, and he never fails to eloquently provide responses that are generally thought provoking. More importantly, his responses are always complete with examples to boot in order to make sure his classmates fully understand what he is saying. As a ninth grade student taking a college course, Emmanuel shines and he is showing his colleagues that Advanced Placement courses are not that difficult to handle, as long as you are willing to do the work. All of these qualities qualify him as a “Model Student,” not just for students in his class, but for the entire student population in Elmont. This “kid” is really on a mission, and he is going places very fast…keep both of your eyes on him!

Kevin Sookwah (Dr. Ramharack) – If there is ever a ninth grade Model Student in Elmont Memorial, that would be Kevin. Always immaculately dressed, with a slick hair style, Kevin is always the first student in the classroom. He is a dedicated student who craves the learning experience. According to his mom, Kevin shares what he learns in class with his family on a regular basis. He takes the world of the classroom experience to his home. That is a sign of a student who enjoys being in the classroom and who is always thinking about the nuggets of information he picks up as he travels from one class to another during the school day. He even lets his teacher know if there are problems getting his homework done on time. No doubt, he is always planning ahead. Most of all, he participates in class and he helps his colleagues when there are technical difficulties with their iPads. Kevin comes across like a very smooth operator, a very disciplined student, and a person who can step into a conversation and bring out the best in others. He has the potential to become a mover and a shaker in the world. Greatness awaits him. He is real. Another person to watch!

Julian Avellaneda (Mr. Kohn) - Julian is one of my best American History students in seventh grade social studies. His grades are always excellent, and his focus is always on making sure that he understands the meaning of the terms discussed and what their impact was on colonial American society. His comments almost always lead to a class discussion. For me, it is enjoyable to learn from my class and Julian is often the teacher!

Devin Johnson (Mrs. Gilliam) - Mrs. Gilliam is pleased to nominate Devin Johnson as the October 2019 Model Citizen. Devin is a junior, and he is very involved in extracurricular activities throughout the school. He holds leadership positions in various clubs and organizations such as Key Club, Student Government, FBLA, Rho Kappa, Jazz Choir, Peer Educators, the Newspaper Club and the World Language Honor Society. Devin is an active member of the volleyball team, and he has been on the high honor roll every marking period for the last three years. Congratulations, Devin!

Kimberly Rodriguez (Ms. Justin) - Kimberly Rodriguez is a senior and a member of Key Club and the varsity volleyball team. Her attitude in and out of the classroom, and on and off the court, is one of support and caring for her teammates and classmates. She encourages her teammates to strive to be the best they can be. In class, she is incredibly supportive, helping students do their best. She helps students with classwork that they are struggling with. Under her tutelage, several students are finding tremendous success. She does all of this just to be helpful with nothing in return for her. She is a great person and a wonderful example of how special Elmont students are.

Elesse Valenzuela (Ms. Cervoni) - Elesse is an exceptional student in the Global History and Geography program. In the short time that I have known her, she has displayed her love for learning and often engages her peers and teachers in thought-provoking conversations. Her academic performance remains one of the best in her class. Elesse is eager to help any classmate with academic or technological concerns and always does so with a smile on her face. Her positive attitude, general good-naturedness and outgoing personality make her a popular student among the faculty, student body and school administration. Elesse is a prime example of a model citizen and what makes teaching at Elmont Memorial so special.

Fenol LaRock (Ms. Albert) - Fenol is an absolute asset to every class. He shares his ideas and can turn a conversation into a debate. He is respectful of other’s opinions and helps classmates in need of assistance. Fenol does not only demonstrate academic achievements, but achievements within our school community as well. He is a proud member of the Men of Elmont and exemplifies Spartan pride. Congratulations, Fenol!

Madison Omega (Mr. Sweeney) - Madison is a student of mine in my eighth grade American History 8IA who is an excellent example of what a role model student is. Madison comes in prepared and ready to work hard every day! She is a student who never has conflict with others, is always in a positive mood and is consistently willing to help others, including myself. She has also proven her skills at time management through performing well in her classes and finding time to excel in her extracurricular activities.

Bryanna Scott and Shawn Redhead (Mr. Nuara) - The following students possess integrity, responsibility, respectfulness, compassion and kindness. Both in and out of the classroom, Bryanna and Shawn display self-control and cultivate the ability to follow through with their goals. Their moral courage has allowed them to stand up for what to be consider wrong and defend those who cannot defend themselves.

Soad Alhayek (Mrs. Kosakowski) - Soad is a positive role model in the classroom. She is always willing to help out classmates and share ideas. She is always there to help teachers, as well, and is a great leader in cooperative learning sessions.

Deyanna Barnaby (Mr. Rubano) - I am nominating Deyanna Barnaby as my model citizen. Deyanna is a great young lady. She is working unbelievably hard and is doing all that she can and more.

Lesly Sibrian-Guzman (Mr. Cabrera) - Leslie is a model citizen at Elmont because she is always willing to help anyone in or outside the classroom. Last month, Leslie helped several new students who were demonstrating difficulty with their iPads and accessing their work. Leslie even went as far as to translate the directions in the students’ native language in order to assist those students in need of help.

Ivie Ihaza and Aliana Bryan (Mr. Agoro) - The following students are very respectful, hardworking young ladies. Each shows up on time with a smile on their faces and ready to work. It’s a pleasure to have them in the class, as both are always gracious leaders who are ready to help other students in the classroom.

Other Model Citizens:
Katia Maisonneuve and Lucenda Joseph - These caring students willingly helped a new entrant adjust to their new school by touring them around Elmont and helping them with their locker during their free time.

Andrew Peguero - Spent over a half hour helping a seventh grader find her air pods.

Kayla Ghee - Utilized her resources to help a relative in a crisis situation. While remaining calm and being supportive, she made a difference.

Julius Sylvain-Jenkins - Found a valuable piece of jewelry and returned it to the appropriate authority.