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November Model Citizens

English/Library/ENL department nominated the following students as Model Citizens for November:

Alayna Scott – Alayna is a wonderful student and person. She is kind to her classmates and always arrives with a warm smile on her face. She is helpful to her teachers and an overall motivated student. She assists Ms. Giammarino with classroom tasks and makes sure that she always sends out “Remind” messages to her students every evening. She is truly deserving of the Model Citizen Award!

Kairo Campbell – Kairo found a $100-dollar bill and instantly gave it to Ms. Teplansky. Another student had dropped the money and the permission slip for a Music Trip and both she and Ms. Teplansky are grateful for Kairo's honesty and kindness.

Helen Rivera Vindel and Valentina Gomez – Helen and Valentina go above and beyond, translating and supporting fellow students in the library, for which Ms. Fulgieri is thankful.

Bryan Dorlean – Bryan is an avid participant in Ms. Cutrone's class and always takes the time to help a struggling peer who speaks his native language. He takes steps to ensure his own success and builds the esteem of those around him. He is a joyful presence in the room and Ms. Cutrone is thankful for his positive attitude.

Rensen Paul – Rensen is a student in Mr. Raskind’s 11 AP English class. He always helps Mr. Raskind whenever something needs to be completed before, during or after class. He is also the first student to help other students in the class catch up with missed work and with the course in general.

Maida Ali – Maida is a kind and dedicated student who helps to keep Mr. Davison organized and collaborates well with her peers. Mr. Davison is grateful to her for all she does.

Brandyn Forbes-Nyirenda – Since the beginning of the year, Brandyn has been a calm and positive presence in Ms. Agnello's room, helping to collect and pass out materials, participating in their candy sale and even offering to throw away the trash. Brandyn helps the classroom to run like a family and, for that, Ms. Agnello is grateful.
Marvens Charlescius Dessalines – Marvens has invented a Fashion Club and has Ms. Agnello advising. His passion for fashion and big ideas to make the club the best it can be motivates and inspires Ms. Agnello. Ms. Agnello says it has been a blessing to have a child remind her what it’s like to step outside the comfort zone and get excited about something new and, for that, she is grateful.

Amman Zia and Samia Zia — These two students moved to Elmont this year from Brooklyn. They are both wonderful additions to our learning community. Upon arrival, they quickly immersed themselves in the Elmont culture and became involved in a host of school activities. The sisters are assets to their AP Language and Composition classes with Ms. Lennon. They submit exemplary, thorough homework assignments and participate actively in small and large group discussions. In short, Brooklyn’s loss is Elmont’s gain!

Roodlynn Fremond – This young woman found a wallet in the cafeteria and returned it to the main office. What a girl!

Jordan Elie – Found air pods and returned them to the main office. Way to go, Jordan!