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Floral Park Students Demonstrate iPad Knowledge to Board

Floral Park Memorial seventh-graders Isabella Castillo, Sabrina Nagle and Andrew Pavlovic presented their iPad experiences to the Board of Education during the Board’s December meeting.

All three of these young future leaders volunteered to create original pieces of digital media to show how iPads have changed their educational experience. Andrew, with the added commentary of his classmates, created “How iPads Changed Our Lives.” Students worked through a learning management system to upload pictures, clip art and videos, which were later turned into an iMovie trailer used to introduce their presentation.

Sabrina used the app Pic Collage and reminded the audience how far we have come since “all the way back in the 1980s!” She spoke about how using the iPad was not only motivational, but also heightened college readiness.

Isabella played her PowerPoint slide using the Microsoft Office online portal. She explained how the iPads have transformed learning and promoted equity among students.

The presentation concluded with Andrew displaying the learning management system Schoology, which helps ensure daily digital communication between faculty, students and parents. He also demonstrated the use of online learning apps as study guides, as well as a way to differentiate for all learning styles and abilities.

“It was an honor to present to the Board and a truly enjoyable experience to watch these young people confidently use technology to create, present and capture the awe of adults,” English teacher Melissa Castka said.