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Floral Park Reigns at District Sports Night

And the crowd goes wild! On March 1, Floral Park Memorial’s District Sports Night Team shocked the nation. Well maybe not the nation, but definitely the entire H. Frank Carey High School gymnasium. After nearly 30 years, the curse has been broken and Floral Park was crowned first place champions!

The evening consisted of many events, including cage volleyball, tug of war, various relay races, a scavenger hunt, and a dance portion which incorporated various exercises. Floral Park began strong, with the “hit the deck” relay race. This event had participants sprinting to the edge of the gym, sliding on their side, getting up and then sprinting back to tag the next teammate. This win gave Floral Park the morale boost they needed to continue to strive for first in every activity. Another impressive win included cage volleyball (played using an extremely large inflated volleyball), with Floral Park finishing with a score of 4-0.

Participants and the fans were all surprised when Superintendent Dr. Ralph Ferrie announced that New Hyde Park was awarded second place with a difference of 1.8 points behind the first place winners, Floral Park Memorial. The fan section erupted in cheers and the participants and coaches all jumped for joy, singing and screaming all at once. The camaraderie between the teammates was impossible to match at this moment of victory.

This win would not have been possible without the dedication of the incredible Floral Park coaches. Due to limited gym space, practices were held around 8 p.m. almost every weeknight. Each coach is currently taking graduate classes to further their expertise as educators and still managed to carve out the time at night to assist the students. These remarkable coaches include Mr. Dimitrios Drivas, Ms. Gina D’Ammassa and Ms. Kaitlyn Mosie. A special thank you to Athletic Director Mr. Lawrence Doreen, Principal Dr. Kathleen Sottile and assistant principals Ms. Jennifer Alaimo and Mr. John Kenny.

Floral Park will receive a breakfast, hosted by Dr. Ferrie to celebrate their win and to commend their dedication to athletics and sportsmanship. This victory proves that persistence is key in achieving any worthwhile goal. Let’s Go Knights!