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Apple Store Visit Enriches Learning for Floral Park Students

Floral Park Memorial’s new librarian/media specialist Larissa Simonovski organized a trip to the Apple Store in Manhasset for Mr. Kevin Sullivan’s and Ms. Marisa Metzger’s eighth-grade Integrated Advanced co-teach class.

The students received a warm welcome from the Apple Team upon their arrival, and had an opportunity to work with them on Pages, an Apple program for creating posters. In the weeks leading up to the educational trip, Ms. Simonovski helped students gather information on their current unit of study, “The Hunger Games,” using their new iPads. Using the resources they located, students created posters that incorporated details from the novel and knowledge of political campaigns.
While at the Apple Store, students worked hand in hand with Apple Education specialists to finish their posters. They learned a variety of functions and capabilities of the Pages program, making their projects a success. Students were given additional information from the Apple team as well as yellow T-shirts, USB bracelets to store their projects, and certificates of completion for their work.