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Floral Park Students Visit John Lewis Childs School

By: Sophomore Natalie Asitimbay

Students from Floral Park Memorial's National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society took a trip to John Lewis Childs Elementary School thanks to the Junior Achievement program. Junior Achievement is a program that allows students and adults to introduce a bit of entrepreneurship to children in kindergarten. The point of the trip was to bring out character and leadership skills in the young adults and to introduce business concepts to the elementary students.

There was also more to the experience for the Floral Park students, who got to see a day through the eyes of a teacher teaching kindergartners. This experience was one that was extremely valuable since it got me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to experience the sense of accomplishment teachers get when their students understand a lesson. I felt I had a chance to leave an imprint on these young children but also felt a sense of déjà vu. Seeing the young kids excited to learn reminded me of how much I looked forward to learning at that age and how I wished to grow up quickly and be like the big kids. My experience with Junior Achievement allowed me to feel some of the enjoyment that I felt as a young child in elementary school. The Junior Achievement lessons helped us teach the children how to save money and the value of choosing what one wants vs. what one needs.

When I first arrived in the classroom, the children's eyes lit up with curiosity and excitement, which helped calm my nerves and fears. I soon gained confidence from their warm welcome and was able to speak to a large group of people without anxiety. The day was absolutely wonderful and ran smoothly since the children were so precious and so eager to learn.

This opportunity was an incredible learning experience that has helped me grow as a student, brought out a more confident version of myself and showed me talents and leadership skills that I didn’t even know I had.