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Floral Park Hosts 2017 Career and Technical Education Expo

Floral Park Memorial held its annual Career and Technical Education Expo on Oct. 18.

Floral Park Memorial students who are enrolled in the program spent the day at their home school advertising the classes to the freshmen and sophomores. Students in the ninth- and 10th-grades attended a presentation given by Mrs. Karen Farber, Ms. Jacqueline Murphy, Ms. Theresa Strumpf and Ms. Diane Walters about the various programs offered in the CTE Department during their social studies periods. After the short presentation by the faculty, the underclassmen had the opportunity to ask their peer-representatives any questions they may have had about any of the program’s offerings. With several options to choose from, the CTE programs provide a great opportunity for students to earn credits and learn skills not normally offered at the high school level. For more information on any of these unique classes, students can visit the Sewanhaka CTE Open House on Nov. 2 at Sewanhaka High School.