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Walk, Don't Drive Day

As many of you may know, global warming is a huge problem in today’s day and age. The ice caps are melting, the ozone layer is getting damaged, and life itself is being threatened. All because of one tiny particle: Black Carbon. However, it’s not too late for a solution.

We, as a community, can prevent the Earth from being severely damaged. Yes, a small community like us. Many people use cars, and wood fires, that contribute a large amount of Black Carbon. That’s where Busting Black Carbon comes in.

Our purpose is to apply big awareness concepts to out community. So far, we’ve talked to many younger children to educate them about the dangerous effects of CO2 and their emissions. We’ve made many social media posts, so we can reach out to everyone. We plan to have fundraisers and even a No Drive, Just Walk day to raise awareness for all the damages that Black Carbon will bring to us, and to the Earth.

But we can’t do it without the integral part: you

Black Carbon is affecting our lives in the worst way, and Us, as a community, will fight global warming. If no one else will, we will.

Brought to you by Busting Black Carbon, a Global Warming Awareness founded by Roopanshi Rampal, Gwynne Smith, Harris Agha, Christine Tepe, Humza Izhar, and Maya

Instagram: @blackcarbonbusters
Twitter: @BustBlackCarbon