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Annual Talent Show at Floral Park Memorial

Floral Park Memorial’s Class of 2020 hosted the school’s annual talent show on Nov. 20. Students from across all grade levels delivered showstopping performances, including a skit from the color guard, a duet sung by sophomores Bryce Lowery and Brentney Josephs, Maya Goss’ rendition of “What Do I Know?” by Ed Sheeran, a violin and singing performance of “Cielito Lindo” by juniors Janelle Changtongkam, Julia Gill and Bridgid Hearne, and many more.

Two of the highlights of the evening included Ms. Castka, Ms. Ciaffone, Ms. Francis and Ms. White’s tap dancing performance to “Sing” by Pentatonix, and the finale featuring the teacher/student combination band, with students Marc Guilliod, Bret Lowery, Bryce Lowery, Vivek Mirchandani, Nicholas Panteloukas, Tamia Smith and Shyanne Whyte, and teachers Mr. Dura, Mr. Merle, Mr. Povolny and Mr. Smykowski, performing “Crazy in Love” by Beyoncé and Jay Z. Mr. Dura sure knows how to rap! Fans cheered throughout the entire evening, and it certainly was a night filled with great talent.

Thank you to the Class of 2020 for organizing such a successful event!