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Veterans Stand Down

Thirty-six Floral Park Memorial students from grades 9-12 attended the Veterans Stand Down in Freeport, NY on Nov. 20.

Homeless veterans came together to receive access to programs, food and clothing. Students along with Mrs. Belesis, Mrs. Francis and Mrs. White took part in the humbling experience, assisting veterans in obtaining their basic necessities, such as food and clothing, as well as services that can aid their mental health, legal matters, job counseling and more. Taking part in providing veterans their necessities was rewarding, but the most moving part was being able to form a connection with the veteran and hearing about how they are rebuilding their life since fighting in war.

Floral Park Memorial students had the honor of joining a community that connects with the homeless veteran population and that works towards terminating this ongoing issue. Walking out of the Veterans Stand Down Event, I felt not only rewarded, but I felt as though I gained a friend.