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Floral Park Model UN Competes at Boston University

The Floral Park Memorial Model UN team and its adviser, Ms. Deborah Francis, attended the Boston Invitational Model United Nation Conference, hosted by Boston University from Feb. 7-10.

Delegates took part in several United Nations committee structures, including Crisis, Economic and Social Council, General Assembly and Specialized. Throughout the weekend, the team tirelessly debated topics pertaining to historical, current and future events.

Some of the topics included the Opium War of 1839, the California Earthquake of 2030, separatist movements, chronic disease medication, JCC Spanish Civil War, Massachusetts Opioid Crisis, Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan 1980, colonization of outer space and sustainable outer space activities. Delegates also debated peace restoration in Ukraine, Greek economic crisis, plastic pollution and prevention, the social and economic effects of an aging population, Gods of Olympus, World War I, ethnic divides and political abuse in Kenyan elections, conflict-related sexual violence, rights of women workers in developing nations, regulating cryptocurrency and investing in green technology.

At the end of the conference, several Floral Park delegates were awarded for their outstanding performances in committee, including:

Eunice Abaya – Honorable Mention
Marwa Alami – Honorable Mention
Hannah DiMaggio – Best Delegate
Roopanshi Rampal – Honorable Mention
Harry Schlechter – Best Delegate