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P.S. I Love You Day Comes to Floral Park

On Feb. 8, Floral Park Memorial High School was a proud participant in P.S. I Love You Day. P.S. I Love You Day was created by West Islip teenager Brooke DiPalma (who also replied to our Twitter feed!) to combat suicide and depression. The mission of this organization is to spread love to decrease bullying and promote mental health awareness. On the second Friday of every February, communities are encouraged to wear purple to recognize this day, and to foster kindness and a welcoming environment.

Floral Park Memorial students were a sea of purple on P.S. I Love You Day; the students wore this color with pride and an understanding of its recognition. In addition to wearing purple, activities were created for seventh- and eighth-grade students to further acknowledge the importance of mental health. Around the building, a committee of students sold candygrams, which were created with the P.S. I Love You trademark. Students were able to send a candygram to a friend with a sweet message of encouragement. In class, students learned the history of P.S. I Love You Day and decorated hearts with positive messages. The Florettes volunteered to hang these hearts around the junior high cafeteria to allow students to continually read these constructive affirmations.

Seventh-grade students created positivity bags in which they shared compliments and pieces of themselves with one another. Students spent time interviewing their classmates to further enhance community in the classroom; this activity also aimed to celebrate our students and their unique identities. The eighth-grade students circulated the building, creating iMovies that reflected the values of the P.S. I Love You Day mission. One video will be selected for the school website.

Finally, faculty and staff wore purple and dressed down on Feb. 8. The contributions from both the candygram sales and dress down day will be donated to the P.S. I Love You Day Foundation. The donation, along with others, allows the organization to fund a Student Ambassador Program Scholarship and to make a yearly donation to the Long Island Crisis Center and other local organizations.