Students standing with an administrator and holding certificates

Math & Business - Theme: Responsibility

Rudy (Oliver) Gerard is a conscientious student in algebra. He is a leader in the classroom by helping his peers in groups and leading by example. He always does his homework, participates in class and always does the right thing. He also stays after school during extra help and works with his peers to help them with translations and mathematics in algebra.

Ariana Malone is well-mannered and respectful, and doesn't think twice to help others out. She is great addition to our school community, a model for all to follow.

Adil Qudratullah exemplifies responsibility. He is always prepared, makes sure to meet all deadlines and is always willing to make sure that those he works with do not fall behind.

Cherechi Onwuanibe always puts her best foot forward, communicates ahead of time when she will be absent, and completes any make up notes immediately upon return.

Mondy Olivier always has homework complete and is enthusiastic in class. She is a natural leader in her group.

Malaika Ilyas is diligent in her studies. She makes sure she understands concepts by asking questions, at all times of the day (even through Remind).

Christopher Chery is a top performer in class. He loves math! He is a natural leader in his group and communicates with his teacher about absences and completes any missed work in a timely manner.

Ruthann Collins is thoughtful, well-mannered, easy going and modest. She participates in class, always completes her assignments and helps other students in her group when they do not understand concepts. Not only does she value her education, but also the school community by participating in extracurricular activities. She is a pleasure to have in class.

Raheel Ahmed is always doing the right thing in class. Whenever his peers need help, he is willing to lend a helping hand.

Amanda Johnson is a great student and is always listening in class. She completes all her work on time and is a pleasure to have in class.

Jose Sarmiento does a great job in class. He works tirelessly at coding and gets all of his assignments in on time. If Jose is having issues, he will raise his hand for help and is eager to learn how his error can be fixed. He does a great job keeping up with new codes and applying them to new situations.

Hiba Sajjad has taken on the responsibility of making every new student in class feel welcome. She has an outgoing personality, contagious smile and finds a way to make everyone she meets feel comfortable. She invites shy students to be her partner to present their projects, and she is a pleasure every day to have in class.

Jason Laborde consistently displays the qualities of responsibility by the way he completes his work to the highest level of quality possible and by frequently helping others in the classroom. Jason also shows social responsibility by looking out for his peers and helping them in any way possible. He is a leader in the Elmont Community and is consistently showing qualities that make him a model citizen.

Imani Lyons is extremely hard working and goes above and beyond in the classroom. Imani is dedicated to her studies and an integral member of the Model UN team while maintaining excellent grades. She just was awarded a full scholarship for a creative writing lab in London for three weeks this summer. If/when she is absent from class, she makes sure to keep on top of her work and not fall behind.