Aafia Ahmed, Matthew Cesar, Kahela Michel and Emaan Tehseen

Elmont Memorial High School students Aafia Ahmed, Matthew Cesar, Kahela Michel and Emaan Tehseen participated in the 11th annual Medical Marvels STEM research competition, hosted by The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research and Northwell Health’s Workforce Readiness department within Corporate Human Resources.

According to Northwell, students in grades 9-10 were tasked with the hypothetical challenge to better understand the effects of climate change in their school and community and develop new ways to lower and measure greenhouse gas emissions. More than 120 students from Long Island and New York City wrote research papers, designed scientific posters and presented novel ways to tackle climate change and global warming.

On March 3, the students presented their plans and posters to a team of Northwell professionals at the Feinstein Medical Institute. Elmont Memorial’s multifaceted plan included structural changes — a real-time digital dashboard to monitor emissions, geothermal heating and cooling, electric buses, induction stovetops, and solar panels — as well as a commitment to curricular changes that would ensure students and the community are well-versed in effective strategies to combat climate change.

The team was honored with a $300 scholarship for their oral presentation.