Model Citizens for September Stand With Their Certificates

Elmont Memorial High School is pleased to announce its Model Citizens for September. They are:

Jeks James Zachariah – Jeks is a highly motivated eighth grader. He has shown enthusiasm by visiting the guidance office to discuss his grades and his desire to excel not only in his current classes, but future tests such as the PSAT and SAT.

Ricky Olivier – Ricky is an ambitious student who is eager to learn and take advantage of opportunities to make the most out of his education. He has a positive attitude and is passionate about being successful in the world. Ricky has recently joined Men of Elmont, as he wants to empower others as well as feel empowered.

Noor Fatima – Noor is a new student to Elmont Memorial and has a positive attitude toward learning, her personal education and future. She strives for success in the classroom and is excited about engaging herself.

Meah Turnier – Meah is an outstanding senior whose positive attitude is contagious. She works hard in and out of the classroom and enhances our school environment. She is a role model and a natural leader who is on her way to do great things.

Daniel Salas – Daniel is a cheerful young man. He approaches each day with a smile on his face and a positive outlook, regardless of the situation. He always focuses his energy and attention on the positive aspects of his life. Daniel also has a way of making others around him feel special and appreciated and brings a smile to their faces.

Sweba Chaudhry – Sweba is the definition of a “positive attitude.” She comes into the guidance office daily, greeting every single staff member and student with a high-pitched ‘hello’ and a big bright smile. She seems to never have a bad day and, when she does, Sweba still manages to find the sun behind the clouds.

Josmeilyn Flores Abarua – Josmeilyn is a seventh grader that you will always find with a smile on her face. She loves to ask questions and learn new things, and she always has a positive attitude, regardless of how challenging the situation may be.

Wailin Gonzalez-Caminero – Wailin is always upbeat and brings enthusiasm to everything that he does here at Elmont, both in and out of the classroom. Although he has only been in Elmont for a little over a year, he is among the most popular members of the senior class. He is currently a member of the varsity volleyball team, the Key Club, the Fashion and Photography Clubs, and GSA.