Model Citizens for December Graphic

The theme was goal setting, with student-selections submitted by the Physical Education/FCS Department.

Chase Grannum is focused and driven and is working toward his goals to make the A team in basketball and to get good grades.

Kamren Murrell’s goal for this year is to be on the high honor roll and to be more active in school. He says the way he will achieve this goal is by studying more and going to extra help. Kamren also wants to participate in the boys' junior high volleyball team. 

Kayla-Marie Payne’s goal for this year is to be on the high honor roll and participate more in class. The way she will achieve this goal is by going to extra help, attending study sessions, and doing extra credit. 

Aaidaen Maharaj says he has always set goals for himself to achieve, and without a support system around him, he wouldn’t have been able to reach any of his personal goals. One goal that he has set for this year is to maintain an average of 90+ in all his classes in order to solidify a spot as a candidate for scholarships to his dream colleges. Another goal he has is to improve at baseball. As someone who plays baseball for the school, he always wants to get better at the sport to help make the team have a better chance of winning. He says that baseball is a sport that requires year-round practice to keep your skills sharp, and if he lets up in practice then he won’t be able to keep up with the rest of the team.

Annemiriam Alexis’ goal is to improve her pre-algebra grade. She is seeking a 98%. To help her achieve her goal, Annemarie is planning to attend extra help session, conferencing with her math teacher and using her notes and past assignments to prepare for exams

Tevori Hurley-McDonnough’s goal is to improve her science grade. She plans to create and use flash cards to prepare for tests and quizzes. She is also planning to ask classmates to assist her in studying by quizzing her to help her recall science terms and concepts.

Jorge Castaneda Tamayo is a current senior whose goal is to attend John Jay and major in Criminal Justice. 

Gabrielle Lewis is a pleasure to have in class! One of her goals is to perform in some sort of show business (theatre, music, tv, etc.). In preparation for that line of work, Gabby assists in performances for Black History Month, last year's musical and also participates in dance. Currently, she is involved in the Key Club, Big Brother/Sister, Jazz Choir, Marching Band, District Band, Leading Ladies and is also a drum major. Gabby continues to work hard in everything she does. We are so lucky to have such a role model for other students!

 Owen Dossous is an absolute pleasure to have in class. He is an 8th grade student who does very well in school. He follows directions and participates in every class. He currently has 100 average and hopes to maintain that grade for the rest of the school year.

Francisco Martinez is a 12th grader and is a very driven young man whose goal is to finish strong his senior year. His goal is to achieve and maintain his status on the high honor roll for the entire school year. He intends to do this by maintaining a 95+ average in all his classes.

Kevin Flores saw an elderly woman fall as he was walking to school. He helped her up, carried her bag and escorted her to the building so she could get assistance. He was patient, kind and provided a voice for her, despite the fact that they don't speak the same language. After explaining to the adults on staff at the main entrance, Kevin continued to class like it was just another day in the life of Kevin.