great gladiators holding their certificates

We’re pleased to announce our Great Gladiators for the month of October!

Seventh graders:

Mariam Dar is an absolute pleasure to have in her Pre-Algebra class. Every day, she comes to class with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. She’s always willing to help a fellow classmate in need. She is also always an active participant in her social studies class. Mariam helps others, especially when it comes to technology. She has even assisted teachers when they are having a technology issue! She is empathic to others, enthusiastic and shows kindness to all.

Emma Onorato is known as one of the most respectful and hardworking students in her Pre-Algebra class. At the end of each day, she thanks her teacher for teaching her. Emma is a role model for all her peers.

Nikita Bansal is a model student in her social studies class. She is very caring, patient and helps everyone around her. She participates in class and is such a hard worker. Nikita is such a pleasure to have in class.

Yash Pradeep is an asset to his social studies class. He is an active participant in class discussions and his enthusiasm is contagious! He gets along with all his classmates and is always eager to share what he has learned in his other classes. In addition to being kind to his classmates, he is extremely respectful to his teachers and always has a smile on his face (under his mask).

Eighth graders:

Jaelyn Jaimon is an excellent student, who moved her seat so another student could see better. Jaelyn was absent for an extended amount of time and still managed to complete and submit all her work, class work and homework on time.

Justin Li is a Great Glad because he is always enthusiastic for class! He participates daily and will help fellow classmates if they are struggling. He is a respectful, hard-working student who is a pleasure to have in class.

Congratulations to all!