Students Holding Certificates
People standing outside of a brick building
Students holding certificates and standing with four others
Valedictorian Priya Persaud and BOE members
People holding awards and smiling
A large group of people gathered together in a room and smiling at the camera
People standing together and holding awards
Students in the Shape of a Pink Ribbon
High School student Adittya Nischal and Staff Members
Science Research Students
 Isabella Prada and Nicholas Washington with others
 Siddhanth Surya with their award and teachers
Great Gladiators of September
Priya Persaud and Taseen Tanzil
​New Hyde Park Memorial High School students recognized
Students at Homecoming
AP Scholars
 Izhaan Ahmed, Nathaniel Park and David Ren with teachers
Guranaad Kaur
New Hyde Park Memorial High School students Izhaan Ahmed, Priya Persaud and Paul Wang