Floral Park Memorial High School 10th grader Sofia Beato
Five people smiling while standing in front of artwork
People wearing robes and gathered outside smiling at the camera
Two people dressed up as Jawas while a third person poses for the camera
Floral Park Memorial High School senior Samannita Mukherjee
People smiling at the camera and standing next to a sign that says NYSSEF
Students Holding Certificates
The district's robotics team smiling at the camera
Aafia Ahmed, Matthew Cesar, Kahela Michel and Emaan Tehseen
Students standing togther and smiling
People standing together and smiling as three people hold certificates
 Dr. Dolan smiling at the camera
Two students holding up their artwork
Brianna Sullivan smiling at the camera
Sean Andrade standing with two others and holding a certificate
 Isabel Santana standing with another person outside and holding a certificate
Robotics team standing together and smiling
​New Hyde Park Memorial High School student Jessica Johnson
People holding certificates and smiling
People sitting at a table and smiling at the camera